Tutorials, tutorials, and more tutorials!

This is a collection of tutorials that have been presented on Create in the past. Enjoy! 

Camera and Film (all scales)
Curtains Made with Paper
Fireplace (1/2" scale)
Humpback Trunk (1/4" scale)
Ironing Board
Kleenex Box
Sandals & Pocketbooks -- Instructions and Patterns

Bed -- Embroidered Coverlet and Bed (1/2" scale)
Bed -- Red Green, Black, and White (1/4" scale)
Bed -- Sunflower (1/4" scale)
NAME Armoire

Birthday Cake Tutorial by Carolyn Eiche (video)
Birthday Cake Tutorial by Carolyn Eiche (pdf)

Camp Make-A-Mini - 2022
Barbara Thornton-Hill created a rooftop garden for the NAME Logo House and presented this during a Lunch & Learn, which was recorded. These are links for this presentation/project:
Barbara's Lunch & Learn (video)
Tips for the rooftop garden
Garden dimensions/diagram
Barbara's garden design/layout
One patio flooring graphic
A second patio flooring graphic
Badge for Camp Make-A-Mini 2022
Campfire Vignette (1/4" scale)

Camp Makamini - 2021
Blankets -- Quarter Scale and Half Scale
Building an Edible Campfire
How to Build Your Campfire
Camp Signs
Information Board
Landscaping your Cabin (video)
Swim Area Clothes Line

Hot Air Balloon Gondola (2019 OLHP)
In the Conservatory 2007 Regional Houseparty
Micro Centerpiece from OLHP Splintered Fairy Tales
Tell Me A Story 2006 National Convention in Anaheim, CA

Dollhouses (1/4" scale)
Dollhouses (1/2" scale)
Hobby Horse (1/2" scale)
NAME Dollhouse for your Dollhouse
NAME Folding Screen and Toybox (1/4" scale)

Make a Paper Christmas Tree
Tiny Snowman in a Snow Globe

Displaying your Miniatures
Container Displays
These are articles from the Miniature Gazette that inspired Preble McDaniel's Swap Mall:
September/October 2008 Miniature Gazette Cover and Final Pictures
September/October 2008 Miniature Gazette Instructions
You'll find a lot of inspiration in past Miniature Gazettes! See them here. (If you're logged into miniatures.org, you'll see current Gazettes as well as past. Not a member? You can still access older Miniature Gazettes! 

Susie Newell Quarter Scale Wire Doll Tutorial

Candy Box with Candy (directions) (patterns)
Carrot Cake (all scales)
Chicken Soup Prep Board and Pot (1/4" Scale)
    Janet's Instructions to herself about the Chicken Soup kit
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Cinnamon Buns
Cinnamon Rolls
Foil Wrapped Candies (picture)
Making Miniature Food with Carl Bronsdon (video)

Brown Plastic Furniture - Kit Bashing (1/4" scale)
Country Secretary (1/4" scale)
Cozy Corner -- NAME Day 2014 (1/4" and 1/2" plans available)
Display Cabinet (1/2" scale)
NAME Table and Chairs (1/4" scale)
Quilt Rack 
Woven Wicker Furniture (1/2" scale)

Garden related
Americana Shutter Planter Box
Bear Bench (1/2" scale)
Birdhouse Shelf (1/2" scale)
Garden Bench (1/4" scale)
Hummingbird Feeder (1/2" scale)
Lawnmower (1/4" scale)
Making a Palm Tree
NAME Birdhouse
Roses (1" scale)
Using Beads for Flower Pots
Wading Pool and Garden Hose (1/4" scale)

Breakfast Nook (1/2" scale)
"China" Plates (1/4" scale)
Kitchen Appliances (1/2" scale)
Kitchen Cabinets -- Part 1 -  (1/2" scale)
Kitchen Cabinets -- Part 2 -  (1/2" scale)

Little Book Scene
Something From Nothing: Baby Ben Clock from a tuna can and ping pong ball
Using Alcohol Inks

New Year's Eve
Mini Party Hats
NAME 50th Anniversary Hat
New Year's Eve Cookbook
Real Life Party Hats

Real Life Crafts
House Pin Holder
NAME Earrings
Necklace with Gazette Magazine covers
Using Clay to make Miniature Foods for Jewelry

Red Hat Tea Party
Painting Tea Cups
Red Hat Pattern
Red Hat Tutorial
Tea Tray Instructions

Easter Basket Tutorial

Bridal Veil and Groom's Top Hat
Steam Punk Trunk

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