NAME Store

Welcome to the NAME Store!


We've reorganized our store to make it easier for you find what you're interested in.

In our Miniatures Section: We are offering several artisan pieces that were previously made available only to NAME Convention/Houseparty attendees that are now being made available to any miniaturist, whether you are a NAME member or not.

In our NAME Merchandise Section: Here we have several "real life" items from NAME and from NAME's Create site including t-shirts to wear, tote bags and aprons to use when working on miniatures or every day items like water bottles.

In our Pin Section: Here we offer pins that commemorate your favorite NAME Events and a special Create pin (that is like an event that just keeps on going!)

US Shipping has been added to the cost of all of these items. If you purchase more than three items from the NAME Store at one time, we will refund any excess shipping collected. If you live outside the US, you will be contacted with a total amount for shipping and you can pay the additional shipping required after you order.