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Tutorials:  Every month, Create offers various challenges and tutorials for our Create participants. We hate to just remove these because there is so much good information and eye candy to enjoy. You'll find our previously posted tutorials on the Tutorials page. 

Create Year Long Challenges:

Completed Creat-ive Offerings:  This page is all about the pictures!  Several workshop and Create Shares participants have sent pictures of their completed projects over the years. (The info to submit your own pics is on that same page!) You can see those here:

Completed Create-ive Offerings 

Previous Challenges:  Too much work (by you and by us) went into the challenges to just let them drop. So check here if you want to see the pictures submitted from any of our previous challenges! 

May 2024 -- Southwestern

April 2024 -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

March 2024 -- Picture This!

February 2024 -- I Love My Workspace!

January 2024 -- Pets on Parade

December 2023 -- Holidays in the Kitchen (real recipes)

November 2023 -- Harvest Time

October 2023 -- Dollhouse and Miniature Month

Completed NAME Day 2023 Projects

September 2023 -- It's a Wonderful, Tiny World

August 2023 -- The Good Ol' Summertime

July 2023 -- Sample Shepherd's Huts and Members' Completed Shepherd's Huts

June 2023 -- It's Raining Men!

May 2023 -- May Flowers

April 2023 -- April Showers

March 2023 -- Pot of Gold

February 2023 -- All About the Good Times

January 2023 -- Let It Snow

Mint Tin Challenges

Rags to RIches: Flip Your Plastic Dollhouse

December 2022 -- Holiday "Biz"arre

November 2022 -- Show Us a Class

October 2022 -- Show Us Your NAME Day Projects.

September 2022 -- Window Vignettes

Window Shopping NAME Day 2015

Window Vignette (Originally done at NAME National 2002)

August 2022 -- Scavenger Hunt

August 2022 -- Best Estate Sale Find

July 2022 -- Show Us Your Camp Pictures

June 2022 -- Show Us Your Centerpieces!

Centerpieces from Come Fly with Me

May 2022 -- What Would You Have Liked to Display in Portland?

April 2022 -- What is Easier Because of Technology?

April's 2022's Share a Memory -- Memorable Technology Bloopers

March 2022 -- How Do You Display Your Miniatures?

March 2022's Share a Memory -- How Has Your Workspace Changed Over the Years?

February 2022 -- Have You Ever Made Something from The Gazette?

February 2022's Share a Memory -- Have You Ever Been Featured in The Gazette?

January 2022 -- What Was Your First Miniature?

January 2022's Share a Memory -- How Did You Get Started in Miniatures?

Challenge Submissions -- December 2021 -- How Do You Celebrate?

Challenge Submissions -- November 2021 -- Wild and Wacky

Challenge Submissions -- October 2021 -- "Make Mine Mini" Perfect Miniature Representations of Real Life Items

Challenge Submissions -- September 2021 -- Tea or Red Hat Related Projects

Challenge Submissions -- August 2021 -- Something Made of Clay

Clay Video Links -- August 2021

Camp Makamini Newsletter -- July 2021

Challenge Submissions -- June 2021 -- Major Life Events

Challenge Submissions -- May 2021 -- Your Favorite Covid Projects

Spring Cleaning Videos -- April 2021

Challenge Submissions -- April 2021 -- My Favorite Piece

Special Book project by Debbie Young -- March 2021

Challenge Submissions -- March 2021 -- Book Inspired Projects

Tool Videos -- February 2021 -- Daily Tool Videos

Challenge Submissions -- February 2021 -- Favorite Tools

Challenge Submissions -- January 2021 -- Something From Nothing