First Quarter 2023 Puzzles

Here are the puzzles for the first quarter of 2023.  We'll be adding more throughout the quarter, so check back often.  To work the jigsaw puzzles, click the little puzzle piece in the corner of the picture.  

March 28 Forget the Rules

March 22:  A "March Events" Wordsearch Puzzle

March 16 Displaying our Treasures

March 13: Spot the Difference:  Carolyn Eiche's workspace with her CYLC project.

March 8:  A March Events Crossword

March 1 Challenges come in many forms 

February 26:  A "Periods of Time" Wordsearch puzzle

February 19 Time for Tomorrow

February 15:  A Spot the Difference Puzzle from Preble McDaniel

February 11:  A "Periods in Time" Crossword

February 4 This mouse knows the Time 

January 28 Stay warm in this Through the Looking Glass room 

January 19:  A Let it Snow Wordsearch

January 15 This looks yummy

January 11   Enjoy this new "Spot the Difference" puzzle from Debbie Colombo.

January 8:  A "Let it Snow" Crossword Puzzle

January 1 Enjoy the snow on these shops and stalls