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We've been working very hard on this new website, but we are miniaturists rather than full time web designers. One or two bugs might have snuck their way in while we were waiting for the glue to set and the paint to dry. Please understand we are doing our best and will try to fix any problems that crop up in as timely manner as possible. If you need help, or found one of those pesky bugs, please use the contact form to report the issue here: Contact Form


NAME Member Login Instructions

NAME Members receive a discount on all workshops offered. To receive the discount, log in using your email address (it must be the one on file with the NAME Office), and use your Membership Number as the password.

How do I find my Membership Number? 
There are three places to easily find it:

  1. It is located by your address on the Miniature Gazette magazine
  2. On the bottom left of when you are logged in (this works for most members, but it might be missing for a few).
  3. It is on the Membership Card you received when you signed up for NAME.

If you can't find it in any of those places you can email us at, or, just tell us your full name in the email and we'll look it up for you.

Please Note: The Member Discount doesn't apply to Roundtable, Garage Sale. or other sold items.