March Free Project

Book Project

Debbie Young brings us this "Little Book Scene" 

"When I first saw a little scene like this on Pinterest, I fell in love with it and put it on my list of ‘things I want to make someday’. I tried to get it done for the ‘Something out of Nothing’ Challenge that we had here on Create, but, sadly, that didn’t happen. So, I decided to make it for our ‘Book’ month. The project is pretty much made out of a book, and some balsa wood, so it is easy to do with what you have around the house. It turned out to be so much fun to make, I thought you might enjoy making one as well. So, for all the members (current and potential) that visit NAME’s Create site…please enjoy this free tutorial.

I used an old Winnie the Pooh book, but this would be great with any book…think Harry Potter or A Christmas Carol or Sherlock Holmes… …anything you would like to curl up with and read." 

Click here for the instructions to make your own!