August Challenge Submissions

The challenge for the month of August was to share something made out of clay.

August Challenge Submission

From Laura Seibert:

I purchased these two sets of dolls from ebay seller gtsixtythree.  I have her name saved on a receipt somewhere, but I can't find it right now.  She sells her polymer clay dolls from September to December, up for bid, on her own schedule.  I happened upon her dolls when I did a Raggedy Ann search.  She regularly makes Raggedy Ann, and Raggedy Ann and Andy sets.  I was so happy to find Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, who I had always wanted in dollhouse scale.  I put them in my Little Girl's Bedroom room box, which is a combo of mementos of mine and my daughter's.  I keep an eye on her dolls, and found the Twins.  They are adorable, and I plan to put them on a baby blanket on the deck of my Japanese Garden from the Summer at Tahoe Workshop from 2019, once it is finished-finished (still finishing the details).  I hope to buy an Elf on the Shelf, and a couple of dressed bunnies, from gtsixtythree.  She makes many other kinds of baby dolls, too.


August Challenge Submission


From Brenda Colby:

This is a picture of one of my miniature projects with clay figures.  The faux Alice book is approximately 5.5" W x 8.5" H x 2" deep.  It depicts scenes from Alice in Wonderland.  The top level shows the White Rabbit (clay) running past a sleeping Alice (clay) dreaming of, what else, white rabbits!.  The middle level shows Alice (clay) falling past the Cheshire cat, the Caterpillar in the opium den.  The lower floor shows Alice and a Flamingo after having sampled the liquid in the Drink Me bottle.  I made all of the clay figures including the flamingo, and I designed the interior of the box.  The scene is lit by LEDs.  Some of the paper figures are by Ginger Landon Siegel.  

I well remember taking a witch class from you, Cat, a long time ago in Greensboro at The Gingerbread House (sure do miss Ginger and all the fun we had at the Gingerbread House!).  Thanks for helping to launch my clay figure "career"!  I have many, many more clay figures/projects that I have made since then.  


August Challenge Submission

From Cindy Bottasso:

I love making clay food.  I blame Janet for starting me down the rabbit hole


August Challenge Submission


From Bev Fleming:


Here's a picture of a witch doll made by Jackie Williams


August Challenge Submission

From Sherri MacRaild:


Here is my submission for the month of August ‘clay creations’.   It is made with Fimo but also includes some wire and metal findings, plus wood.   I made this this past March to help celebrate Easter.   It was a challenge to try and get the family all joined together and took a while to figure out just how to do it.

August Challenge Submission
From Colleen Middleton:

I’m attaching 3 pictures of some of my favorite dolls made from polymer clay.  They are all made by Jodi Creager.  There is an Alice in Wonderland doll with a very surprised look on her face because the baby she was holding turned into a piglet.  There is a Christmas Witch resting on a chair with her cat, thinking about Christmas morning.  The third picture is Bilbo from the Hobbit.  I have probably close to 100 dolls made from clay so it was very difficult to choose a few.


August Challenge Submission


August Challenge Submission

August Challenge Submission

From Michelle Miller:

This Peter Rabbit scene is in a teacup.  All the pieces were made for me by Ursula of Uniquables by Ursula from UK.  She makes wonderful creations from polymer clay.


August Challenge Submission
From Evelyn Gumina:

These three pictures are of Polymer Clay work I did over the year.
The picture above shows three items I made:
 - The cake on the table was a Ruth Stewart Workshop 
 - The two Fimo Clay Pumpkins were of my own design.
          I hollowed them out and added light
 - The basket of flowers were made by me using Fimo Clay 

I made the Fairy Doll and Rabbit out of Fimo Clay.  Both the Fairy Doll and Rabbit were my first attempt on creating a doll and rabbit. 
The Fimo Clay doll was created as a result of a Workshop I took with Cat Wingler….



August Challenge Submission

August Challenge Submission

August Challenge Submission
From Alician Pearce:

Here is my submission for clay month. This is made from cold porcelain, and it was a class from Bethina Murta. I learned how to color the cold porcelain, and then cut it and form it. 


August Challenge Submission
August Challenge Submission
August Challenge Submission
From Susan Scutti:

Polymer clay is great to work with. Years ago, our club, Philly Miniatics C-776,  made 1/12 scale adobes. One of our members showed us how to made clay accessories for our adobes. I made these cactus plants & hanging peppers. It was so much fun!


August Challenge Submission

From Jackie Browder:


I am a classically trained sculptor, taught by a semi-famous Claymation artist who made life sized historic sculptures for town squares. Older cartoons were made with individual paintings made on clear plastic sheets, layered and changed to give the appearance of movement. In Claymation, a still photo was taken, the wet clay moved slightly, and the next photo was taken. Both were tedious processes to get a cartoon just a few minutes long! The movie "Chicken Run" was made with Claymation. This photo is a life sized sculpture of a real person that I made decades ago in the same manner as the bronze busts of famous people that you would see in a library or state capital. I now apply my skills to miniatures, sometimes making one inch scale clay food and teapots, and often use computers to 3D design and print quarter scale dollhouse furnishings.


August Challenge Submission

August Challenge Submission

August Challenge Submission
From Suzanne Spooner-Munch

These photos show the bull heads and food my sister and I made from polymer clay for “Taberna Belmonte” (featured in the May/June edition of Miniature Gazette). The restaurant in Seville, Spain, dedicated to famous Spanish bull fighter, Juan Belmonte displays actual bull heads and serves delicious thinly sliced jamon from hanging legs of ham, as well as paella, next to the posters/photos of Belmonte in action. 
It was a treat to recreate this experience and try polymer clay for the first time!



August Challenge Submission

From Gayle Hansen:


I made the little elves working in Santa's reindeer barn.

August Challenge Submission

From Kathy Koons:


This is a photo of two of the dozens of clay buildings I have by O'Dare Krenzke. I discovered her wonderful pieces on eBay. She really incorporates a lot of details. Besides ones for pretty much all the holidays, she has regular houses, shops, and castles. She is also incredibly friendly and generous. She's always willing to wait for payment until I feel I've won all the bids I care to place for the time being. On more than one occasion, I've found an extra goody in a package from her.
The tallest of these two is about 2.25" from bottom of the base to the top of the roof.
I plan to make a series of villages of these. These two will be in the village, where everyone's house is decorated according to their favorite holiday. I have enough Valentine's ones to make a neighborhood just of them!
I'm not sure that this is what you expected, when you asked for photos of things made from polymer clay, but I really like her work and they are made from polymer clay.


August Challenge Submission

From Katherine Price: 

Here ‘s Maddie and pumpkins with air plant hair ! 

August Challenge Submission

From Mae Karoli:


I made this egret in a marsh in a class at the show held by the Miniature Society of Cincinnati back in 1999.  The class was taught by Barbara Ann Meyer.    

August Challenge Submission


From Leah Smith:

I made these clay elves as a first try and am going to make more(hopefully improved)little guys in time for Christmas. 


August Challenge Submission


August Challenge Submission
From Betty Turmon:

Here is the Mary Englebreit picture I saw and loved, so last year I made my own version from clay.

This is the one made by me. I made the little girl and tree of clay. The deer are wooden ones I had in my stash.


August Challenge Submission
 From Laura Reich:

I am including two pics:  the one I made the many pumpkins, the vase in the left background, and the little person -- all out of polymer clay.
The other picture is my first attempt at polymer clay... just for laughs.



August Challenge Submission


August Challenge Submission
From Natalie Maguire:

These ferret and meerkat families are made by Sally Brennan from the UK.  They are 1/48” scale.  Sally is a gifted artist and beautiful person.  She made items in all scales.

“Each animal is sculpt from Polymer Clay  without the use of moulds. They are not painted, I just use the different colours available in the clays and colour as I sculpt.”


August Challenge Submission


August Challenge Submission
A Treasured Miniature by a Treasured Friend

Virginia Vasquez of Brooklyn, NY and I served on the original Steering Committee that created Big Apple Miniaturists back in 1996.  She made and gifted this apple-themed place setting to her 4 fellow committee members, making it a very limited edition.

Her creativity and attention to detail is exemplified by the apple pie's decorative top-piece 'peeking' through the apple-shaped window of the box she made;  her wonderful craftsmanship shows in the apple pie itself;  and her presentation in a Tupperware container gets an A+, doesn't it?  It is indeed a favorite miniature!

Janet Vivian


August Challenge Submission


August Challenge Submission

From Kathy Davis:


Roberta Sponenberg of Different Drummer Studio is the artist of the two clay dolls I purchased yesterday


August Challenge Submission

From Gail Hering:


I made these mini pumpkins using Crayola air-dry orange clay. I then painted  them ( pumpkin orange) to seal the surface. Most have 3-5 additional coats of finishing colors. The black one is nail polished. The gold and silver are from Krylon pens. The white is several different acrylic paints. 
Yes, I made “real” ones too!

challenge pic challenge pic challenge pic challenge pic challenge pic challenge pic From Pepper Williams:  I’m a named club member. My daughter makes miniatures like me but she has been messing around with clay from time to time and her items are really cool I will send several to choose which you think will print well. My first is a Halloween hand she did for me because of my love for that holiday.
The others are pieces she did for her Alice in wonderland scene she did in a clear paint can. One is a mouse in a tea pot she did from a pic she found, the flamingo mallet for  croquet the Caterpillar with the hookah pipe and last but not least she made me this octopus leg table for a beach store I’m doing with beads in the legs.
challenge pic challenge pic  challenge pic

From Mary Johnson:   

"G.r.o.s.s." being (of course) "Get Rid Of Slimey girlS"!  I was broken
hearted when  I heard that Calvin and Hobbs cartoon strips were being
discontinued and decided I had to  make a scene to capture my love of these
characters!     (I realize now that I need to, and will add a "Susie"
character and a "stuffed" version of Hobbs in the club- cave, before "Winter
convention" where I hope to exhibit this.

It's barely 8" in diameter.

All the characters and snow goons are made by me from Fimo and covered with
fake snow. (I tried to capture images from the books.)  I'm sending 2 angles
so you can see the snow sharks, various crazy snowmen (Calvin's vision) and
inside the clubhouse.

  The club house (paper clay base painted inside and covered with snow)  is
the meeting place and storage facility for Calvin's transmogrifier,
slingshot, and plenty of canned tuna for Hobbs.  I had so much fun with this
project and the characters were easy to make with fimo (more forgiving than
other projects, I've made.)   Hope you like this,  it is one of my favorite

challenge pic


From Ruth Goodger:  I used paperclay to cover this quarterscale structure I built for a houseparty in WA to fill with table swaps.   
challenge pic


From Billie Ruonavaara:  Do you happen to know The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle by Beatrix Potter?? Mrs. TW is a Porcupine who does laundry for a living. My daughter did this clay head for me. EVEN though she doesn't entirely understand Mom's NEED to MINI!! :-))))))))))))))))
challenge pic


From Ann-Cary McLain:  Here is a photo of Punch and Judy puppets I created from DAS air drying clay to go with the 1" scale puppet theater I made from a toothpaste tube box.
challenge pic From Jackie Williams:  Here is a fabulous fruit bowl I purchased at a Bishop show in Atlanta one year.  I do not remember the name of the young woman who created this.  Its one of my treasures.  I do remember paying $50 for it.  I still am in awe of how great it looks.  She was from North Carolina.
challenge pic  From Jackie Williams:  Here is a sweet surprise gift of bunny slippers made of clay just received today, August 10th, 2021, from Fern Rouleau to go on the feet of one of my Qtr scale Darlings.  They are adorable and just right for the August Challenge.
challenge pic From Marilyn Hughes:  I made this cake from clay while in one of Ruth Stewart’s classes.  
August Challenge Pic

From Jean "Razzbearys" Cook:

Sending a picture of one of my polymer clay creations.   So hard to pick just one!  I make polymer clay miniatures, from food to figures.  I also teach.  Thank you.

challenge pic challenge pic 

These clay creations were also sent by Jean "Razzbearys" Cook

challenge pic   challenge pic


challenge photo

From Vicki Scidmore:

My friend, Eva Wohlert, made dolls of all kinds in large size.  Knowing I did miniatures, she gave me head and hands in smaller size and I made the dolls.  She passed away many years ago and I think of her whenever I look at these.

challenge photo


From Nina Peery:

It is a retro style cat clock, made for my 50s-60s house trailer.  I made it from Crayola model magic, with a glued on cat face and body.  The tail is from an ink pen.

August Challenge Submission

From Sherri Lackey:

This is a 1/4”family that I made Super Sculpey Living Doll clay. Body is wire so they are able to pose. Hair is mohair and I used acrylic paints for faces. These were my 1st attempt so I still have a lot to learn. 

August Challenge Submission

From Marilyn Ferkinhoff:


Here is something I just made from polymer clay. 

August Challenge Submission

From Rita Crawford:


Lattice topped cherry and apple pies that I made this year at the IGMA Guild School in a class by Jeanie Anderson.  

August Challenge Submission

From Sally Lonn:


I had so much fun making over 260 cupcakes for this fun store. I was honored with best of show in Phoenix. 

August Challenge Submission
August Challenge Submission
From Lesia Lennex:

I've made a ton of clay items!  I'm attaching 2 pics of 1:12 checkerboard cakes made from polymer clay.


August Challenge Submission

From Kylie Bygland:


I've sculpted many bakery/food items from polymer clay but my attached "Nosferatu" was my first (and only so far) character.  He is 1:12 scale and everything but his thighs and upper arms are sculpted from the polymer clay.  His hands were quite a challenge.

I created my "crypt" and found that the coffin needed an occupant.  Hence, Nosferatu.


August Challenge Submission

From Suzanne Larson-Tamburo:


This is an item I sculpted from clay in a class taught by Jeanne Ruhlie.


August Challenge Submission
Suzie Aguilar:

I made this cake in 1/12 scale from a photo I found online. It was a birthday gift for my friend, Jane. It is all clay except the package and tray.

It now resides in the window of an M&M Store that Jane made.


August Challenge Submission
August Challenge Submission


August Challenge Submission
From Connie Sauve:

Here’s a stone dragon I sculpted out of Paperclay. He’s part of the chimney, not a real dragon climbing.