January Challenge Submissions

Our January Challenge was to make a miniature something out of nothing (something not a miniature, lol), something participants might have had laying around the house.  Participants could use any thing that was not a kit, or was not already a miniature item.  These are the things they came up with! 

As a starting place, instructions were provided to make a clock out of a tuna can and ping pong balls.  Click here to see those instructions.  

Challenge #1


  Terri Howard – “Water Heater from a Toilet Tissue Roll”

Challenge #2


  Cyndy Strein – “Wastebasket out of Mat Board Circle and Raffia”
Challenge #3Challenge #3   Mary Chris Schultz – “Quarter Inch Window Shutters out of the bottom end of a Tube of Toothpaste”
Challenge #5Challenge #5


  Laurie Sisson – "Light Fixture out of a Glue Tube" and "Trash Can out of a Glue Tube Cap"


Challenge #6


  Pat Creagh - "1/4" Scene in a German Wine Glass"
Challenge #7



  Tina MacDonald – “Propane Bottles out of Repurposed Eye Drop Bottles”

  “The graphics were found on the internet, and the hoses are just shoelaces painted silver.”  

Challenge #4


  Fern Rouleau – "Mermaid’s Lagoon out of an Egg Carton"
Challenge #9


  Leisa Rowley – "Garbage Can out of Nothing"
Challenge #4


  Meredith Weston-Band – “Trailer Trash?”
Challenge #10   Sue Ostheimer – "Mocha Muffins out of Avocado Stems"
Challenge #11


  Marge Pasch - "Bottles out of Systane Eye Drop Vials"

"I hated to throw away all the plastic vials from the single-use non-preservative Systane eye drops I have to use, so I decided to take advantage of the bottle shape in the vial to create mini bottles.  I found nail polish gave the bottles a glass-like shine,  and I reduced labels I found online.  I inserted round toothpicks into the bottle openings, cut them off and used nail polish or acrylic paint to approximate bottle tops, or I cut off the toothpick to look like a cork."

Challenge #12


 Dore Via Dumas – "Bavarian Railing out of Pedicure Toe Separators"
Challenge #13


  Sherri MacRaild – "Candy Corn Tree out of Laser Poop"
Challenge #14


  Cindy Bottasso - "Greenhouse out of a Raspberry Container"

"My husband has made so much fun of me and my raspberry container that I cut to make a greenhouse.   (I may have to preface this with I kept it in our bedroom for 4 months moving it around). And it didn’t really come together until I painted it.   Anyway, once I saw the steps in NAME made from the same container I decided to be brave and post my similar idea.  So here goes raspberry container made into a greenhouse."

Challenge #15


  Judie Dresser – "Table and Chairs out of Pop Socket and Chair Leg Caps"

"Look what Judie made a table and chairs out of.  She used a pop socket (for an iPhone) for the table and used chair leg caps for the chairs."

Challenge #16


  Connie Sauve - "Dragon Chandelier out of Jewelry Findings and other Stuff"
Challenge #17


  Suzie Aguilar - "Mini Scene out of a Celebrations Bottle"
Challenge #18   

Carol Shea - "A Walker out of Paper Clips and Beads"

“Here is one that I am rather proud of.  It is made in quarter scale.  It is made from paper clips and beads.

I cut the clip off to the height of the walker setting in front of me and spread the legs out.  Cut pieces from the rest of the clip to form the side and front bars.  Made the tray from cardboard with a piece of a plastic price tag to form a rim around it.  The wheels are seed beads and the towel is a single piece of a facial tissue.”

Challenge #19

Jackie Browder – " 1” scale Basket of Shells out of a Condiment Cup and Glue"
Jackie Browder – " ¼” Light out of a Smashed Lighted Snow Globe"

“The one inch scale basket of shells is a small plastic condiment cup, covered with glue, then wrapped with twine. The seashells are real ones from the beach. The light for the quarter scale house is made from recycled parts: new LEDs that were mail ordered, wire that was found in an attic from an old household project, and a smashed lighted snow globe from a dollar store. The ugly white remnants from the snow globe (battery, holder, and switch) will be hidden in the dollhouse chimney.”

Challenge #20


Carin Shapiro – "Pendant Light out of the Top of an Air Wick Dispenser"
Challenge #21


Marilyn Ferkinhoff – "Lamp out of a Keurig Pod and a Straw"
Challenge #22

Betty Turmon - "Display out of a Trinket Jar from a Dollar Store and a Pringles Can"

"I used a trinket jar from a dollar store that had a hat as the lid.  I turned the ceramic trinket box over, glued a small snack size Pringles can to this base. Cut an opening in the Pringles can to use as a room with a little girl and her hats.  Then the top of the trinket box was glued on top as the roof of the room.  I cut out bits and pieces of an old ME calendar to decorate the can.  The floor mirror is made from cereal box card.  Hats are made from polymer clay."

Challenge #23


Karin Lambert – "Bench out of a Spam Can"

“This is a little bench that I made for my fairy house. It was made completely with a SPAM (brand) can cut into metal strips and curled- known as Tramp Art. I gave it a rusty finish. The bench seat has old rose petals for a cushion."

Challenge #24


Terry Unnold – "Christmas Wreath Scene out of a Tea Light"

"Here’s a Christmas wreath scene.  It’s a 1/144th scale version of a one inch class I took years ago.  I was looking for an easy way to make the round box to build a scene in and realized a tin from a tea light touched up with spray paint was the perfect diameter and depth for a tiny holiday scene."

Challenge #25


Nikole Sherman – "Shower out of Foam Core"
Challenge #26


Ruth Goodger – " ½” Table from a Carry Out Pizza Saver"

"I learned this technique in Karen Benson workshop and applied it to a pizza table for half scale.  I don’t know if they are still available but I have a bunch of these tables found in carry out pizzas."

"To make, glue a circle of cardboard to top and a thin ribbon of cardboard around edges.
Cut a circle of fabric larger than top just enough for a small drape.  Center and glue it to top.  Turn over and spread thin layer of glue on fabric and cardboard ribbon.  Place upside down in palm of hand  cup hand and twirl lightly to pleat fabric accessories on table are half scale."

Challenge #27


Deborah Carr - "Chair out of a Pringles Can"
Challenge #28


Sally Lonn – " ¼” City out of Trash"
Challenge #29


Rusty in UK – "Pots and Pans out of Pill Packaging"
Challenge #30


Kim Hood – "Mini Scene out of Nothing"
Challenge #31


Pam Teal - "Alice in Wonderland Creation out of Plastic Bottles, Foil and Paper Clay"
Challenge #32


Jane Faulstich - "Macrame Plant Hangers out of Sewing Thread etc."

"The macrame plant hangers are made from toothpicks, crochet/sewing thread, jewelry finding rings and small wood rings in my stash. The plants are plastic succulents etc.  Pots are small clay pots from Hobby Lobby that I've had forever!"

Challenge #33


Elaine Levine – "Summer Scene out of a Plastic Thingie"
Challenge #34


Martha Bates – "½” Plant Stand out of Crape Myrtle Pods"