August 2022 Scavenger Hunt

Create is going to do a Scavenger Hunt. Participants will need to send in photos showing all the listed items. If items can be gathered (so you don't have to submit 12 photos) that would be helpful but if the items are in a fixed scene, obviously you do not need to take them out of the scene. The items can be in any miniature scale, and must be a miniature, unless otherwise stated.

Please email your pictures to Debbie Colombo ( by  August 30, 2022. Debbie will choose one person at random on August 31. The prize is going to be $25 in NAME money, that can be used on Create, toward a workshop, or in the NAME store. The money must be used by March of 2023.

The list is as follows:

1. Craft Knife (real life)

2. Self Healing Mat (real life)

3. Candle (a miniature accessory)

4. Drink of any kind

5. Stairs

6. Bird

7. Window Treatment

8. Rocking Chair

9. Musical Instrument

10. Any Holiday Item

11. Money

12. Any Garden Tool

So for example, I could send in these five pictures to represent all 12 items.

Scavenger Hunt

The above picture has my real life craft knife (1) and self healing mat (2) as well as a miniature garden tool (12), rocking chair (8), and bird (6).

Scavenger Hunt

This picture has stairs (5) and several musical instruments (9).

Scavenger Hunt

This picture has candles (3), drinks (4), and holiday decorations (10).

And finally, the two that weren't in the other scenes.

Scavenger Hunt

Money (11)

Scavenger Hunt

Window Treatment (7)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, Julie Stuckmeyer (, or Debbie Colombo ( and we'll be happy to help.