September 2022 - Window Shopping, NAME Day 2015

While Window Shopping is this month's theme on Create, Window Shopping was also the theme for NAME Day in 2015.  We thought we would share some plans and pictures from that event so you can recreate your own, or just use this info/pics for inspiration.  

This picture shows the Window Shopping Project in three scales; 1" at the top, quarter inch scale in middle and half inch scale at the bottom. 

Window Shopping

These are a few examples of filled shops from the Quarter Connection NAME Day event in 2015 ... to give you a little inspiration. The first two pictures feature Liz West's creations, the cake shop was by Ruth Stewart, the garden shop was by Susan Karatjas and the miniature houses were by Janet Smith.

Window Shopping  Window Shopping  Window Shopping Window Shopping  Window Shopping

Want more inspiration? This Gazette article features Karen Laisure's "Chez Laisure" millinery shop. (Click here for the article.)  

Window Shopping

And here is a totally different take on the window shopping kit by Julie French, who used her window a little differently.  She says, "I have the one with the variation JP did with the front entrance, sidewalk etc. I did it as a broom shop for witches to buy their flying items from and I even have a flying monkey from wizard of Oz sitting outside the door." 

Window Shopping  Window Shopping  Window Shopping

Download the plans for the one inch scale version here, and instructions here.

Download the plans for the half inch scale version here, and instructions here

Download the plans for the quarter inch scale version here, and instructions here

For info on the extra supplies needed (e.g. fabric for the top), click here