April 2024 Challenge - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

In honor of Earth Day, our theme for April is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". A favorite pastime of many miniaturists is to look at everyday items and figure out how to use them in miniatures. There are whole groups on Facebook dedicated to this theme and so many Pinterest boards it isn't funny. If you Google "miniatures from ..." the first item that comes up is "miniatures from everyday items". Clearly, this is a popular theme! 

Our Challenge for the month is to send in your favorite repurposed miniature -- whether it is the container you used to house your miniature scene or something you found that works great as a miniature ____________, we want to see it!

To participate, please send in a picture of your repurposed item (no more than two pics, please) and a brief description to Kathy Price at price1240@att.net and we will post it HERE.

Don’t forget to include your mailing address. We have a gift for you .... but it might not ship until the end of the month. Please try to be patient with us. We are volunteers!

This month's challenge sample comes from Preble McDaniel. 

Miniatures made in unusual containers is one of Preble McDaniel’s favorite things. The clear empty bunny-shaped candy box was given to her by her mom and finally found its purpose, a four level dwelling for Lillian, the rabbit in the blue dress. Lillian’s Gold Bunny Box was inspired by a project on Quarter Connection. This box became a great way to give homes to many swaps Preble has received over many years. The candy box, a shipping box, a file folder, and tablet backing were all repurposed.


To read more about the assembly, you can view on Preble’s website http://mini-smallpackages.com/lillians-gold-bunny-box/.