Create's Year Long Challenge & Tips - 2024

Since 2023's "Create's Year Long Challenge" was so popular, we are bringing it back! We are excited about it and we hope you are, too.



CYLC2024   CYLC2024

Here are the rules:

Pick a project. It should be a larger project ... something that will CHALLENGE YOU. As this is different for everyone, we don't want to set too many parameters. Some projects that were chosen last year included room boxes, entire houses remodeled, kits purchased but never started, or projects started but not finished. Pick something you want some extra motivation to help complete!

You have the first two weeks of January to write to Debbie Colombo to let us know what your project for the year will be, and we must have a picture of it in its current state (this doesn't have to be anything detailed ... see the sample pictures above from your Create Committee).


We will then expect a quarterly 'report' on your project with a picture or two. All quarterly updates must be received by March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

If you miss one update, you will be disqualified from the challenge.

At the end of December, each person who has completed the challenge will receive a special gift. We have pages on Create to show progress.

Here are the actual entries from the Create team and others:

CYLC Progress Pictures (A-L)

CYLC Progress Pictures (M-Z)

A couple of comments/hints:

  • If you pick multiple projects please keep us up to date on all of them and clearly state when part of it is finished. It is also okay to say you made no progress but a fresh picture is still appreciated.
  • Keep your summaries short. Your detailed step by step project progress belongs in the io groups or on your personal Facebook page, not on Create.
  • If you cannot show your project in only one picture, make a collage for us, PLEASE!!!
  • Please do not send your update as a PDF, a Word Document, or HEIC.
  • Yes, it is OK to reuse last year's project if you failed to complete it. No judgment here! 


From Kirsten Enzinger:

I set aside my mornings to work on miniatures until 10am. Doctor appointments and anything else gets scheduled in the afternoons with few exceptions.

From Diane Fisher:

I set aside one day per week to work Undisturbed on minis. That means no chores, doctor's appointments, or answering the phone. I call it my “date day with myself”. Friends and family know to respect that. I look forward to this day all week.

From the Create Team:

Join us for a Zoom session and work on your minis with us.