Spot the Difference-Minions

Minions Before
Minions After

Stephanie Selmer was inspired to make a Whimsical Minions Scene.  See if you can spot the 7 differences. 

If you would like to try your hand at a Spot the Difference puzzle, simply start with a display or even a selection of small items, photograph it head on…move some things around (10 – 12 differences are good) and re-photograph (I just used my phone).  Then, send the two photographs to me (Debbie Young –  And, don’t forget to send a key with the differences as well.  It is that simple.  It will be a fun way to share a little bit of yourself with our members.  If you get them to me, I will make sure they appear either in the Gazette or online.



Scroll down for answer key.

















Keep going... if you are certain.















     #1     Beach Chair

     #2     Minion in raft

     #3     Seashell

     #4     Bunch of bananas in sand bucket

     #5     Banana Peel

     #6     Banana open and partially peeled

     #7     Banana on picnic table bench