Spot the Difference - Spring

Spot the Difference - Spring
From Jean Lierman

Jean Lierman created this Spot the Difference using Robin Betterley’s Easter Altered Cabinet.  It is filled with all kinds of Easter goodies. See if you can spot all 9 of the differences.  

You should really try making one of your own…they really are kind of fun.  To make one, simply start with a display or even a selection of small items, photograph it head on…move some things around (10 – 12 differences are good) and re-photograph (I just used my phone).  Then, send the two photographs to me (Debbie Young –  And, don’t forget to send a key with the differences as well.  It is that simple.  It will be a fun way to share a little bit of yourself with our members. Give it a try!



Scroll down for answer key.


















Keep going... if you are certain.



















            #1        The garland has been removed
            #2        The green and blue Easter baskets have been switched
            #3        A white bunny has been added in front of the stacked boxes
            #4        A white bunny has been removed from in front of the pink birdhouse
            #5        A card has been added in front of the pink birdhouse
            #6        A tea cup has been added on the top shelf
            #7        A plate has been added to the wall behind the bottom shelf
            #8        The bunny pull toy is facing the other direction
            #9        The door latch is in a different position