Welcome to the OLHP!

What's the OLHP?  Why, it's the ONLINE HOUSEPARTY!  Get used to the abbreviation because you'll see it in several places on these pages.   Use the schedule/calendar on the left side of this page to see what's coming up and when.  Click the icons below to be taken into the land of Splintered Fairytales, happening February 17-20 with many activities/workshops just before then!  

Here are some important dates to keep in mind: 

September 3, 3:00 p.m EDT:  Houseparty Registration Opens

September 17:  The electronic "packet" of information will be posted.

September 25, 3:00 p.m. EDT (please be patient if it takes a few minutes to get it all put together for you):  Workshop and Theme Luncheon and Thursday Night Project Registrations begin.

Click the links below to navigate to the various online houseparty pages:

OLHP Registration Packet Page Workshop Registration Theme Luncheon Registration OLHP Workshop Preview OLHP Theme Luncheon Preview OLHP TNP OLHP Dealers OLHP Committee