Create Photo Gallery

This is a gallery of students' work from past Create workshops.  If you would like to submit your photos, and we would love you to, please send them to Debbie Colombo.

These photos of the Camp Makamini 1/4 scale cabin were submitted by Julie French.  

Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo 
Vicki Scidmore had a slightly different finishing for her Camp Makamini 1/2 scale cabin.  The summery colors are inviting, so when can we expect our invitations, Vicki? 

Gallery Photo  Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo

Barbara Thornton Hill submitted these plants from her class with Alician Pearce. She did a great job. 

Gallery Photo


A lot of people enjoyed Alician Pearce's "special herb" class.  This submission is from Julie Stuckmeyer. 

Gallery Photo


These two photos are from Barbara Antol.  The plants were made in Alician Pearce's class and the second picture has some quarter scale items that Barbara made to go along with her cabin. 

Gallery Photo  Gallery Photo

Michelle Miller shares this photo with us. The "plants" were ones she made in Alician Pearce's class, and they are on a landscaping board that Michelle will teach in July of 2021. 

Gallery Photo


Debbie Colombo took this class with Betinah Murta when Create first started.

Gallery Photo


These photos were submitted by Suzanne Larson-Tamburo, her Neverwas that never was. She never intended to do the class, but then some of the amazing roundtables convinced her otherwise.  So glad to see Suzanne enjoying her retirement!  Gallery Photo Gallery Photo

Barbara Engel  has shared pictures and a description of her completed Neverwas project. 

Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo
Fern Rouleau completed the march book project which was a free project gifted by Debbie Young. Gallery Photo


Fern Rouleau shared pictures of her Neverwas project from the class she took with Michelle Miller. Gallery Photo Gallery Photo
This is Erika Pitera's gallery submission from Cat WIngler's "It's a Steampunk World" class. Gallery Photo


Lesia Lennex's Steampunk mannequin from Cat Wingler's class in May lesia steampunk


Lesia Lennex shared with us this 1/4 scale doll she made using techniques she learned in Cat Wingler's sculpting class in April.  Lesia photo
From Barbara Antol:  

here are a few photos of my Captain Jack Book Nook.  I really enjoyed Bonnie’s class.  Feel free to share on the site. 

Barbara Antol Captain Jack Barbara Antol Captain Jack Barbara Antol Captain Jack Barbara Antol Captain Jack