Create Photo Gallery

This is a gallery of students' work from Create workshops, tutorials, or Lunch and Learns. If you would like to submit your photos, and we would love you to, please send them to Debbie Colombo.

From Marty Anderson:

This candle will be a Halloween birthday gift for my niece.    

Gallery   Gallery

From Nell Corkin:

Here are two photos of my finished project from Cat Wingler's class.

The class was fun, and very well thought out, and the kit included everything we needed - even a hot glue gun for the candle drips. 

I added a few things to the interior: A "Morticia" doll by Sally Reader (U.K.), an easy chair/stool from True2Scale, a cat from Barbara Ann Myer and jack o'lanterns from Stewart Dollhouse Miniatures. 

Candle Class  Candle Class
From Jean Smith (Rusty) in the UK: Here are her clever Scavenger Hunt Submissions. Gallery  Gallery
More Scavenger Hunt pictures from Rusty. Gallery  Gallery  Gallery
And the last of Rusty's Scavenger Hunt pictures. Gallery   Gallery

From Georgia Queen: I took Sally’s Manwell's class last Saturday. It was a great class and I certainly learned some new tricks. She’s a great teacher with lots of patience. This is the 3rd class I’ve taken from her and look forward to taking her class in Indy. The project is 5” square and about 3 1/2” tall. There will be a Japanese Lady standing on the bridge when Sally gets her done.

Gallery       Gallery

Betty Turmon wrote: "While putting together the Mini Cousins Bubbly Bar kit, I wondered how many years I’d been a NAME member. It is 42 years so decided I’d add to the Bar and celebrate my membership too. I reduced the size of the membership certificate I received when I joined and added some of the pins too. I also added a table and chairs so we can sit while enjoying our champagne."

Bubbly Bar
Terry Unnold shows off her test board that she made with Luci Hanson (Test Board for Dollhouse Lighting) Test Board
Terry Unnold took Charrita Teague's class -- Monstera and Philodendron plants Plants
Terry Unnold's completed Debbie Young’s 2021 24 Shopping Days til Christmas gift. DY House    DY House
Terry Unnold's Christmas Tree Mannequin -- class taught by Alician Pearce on Create. Christmas Mannequin


Ginger Anderson's Neverwas -- beautiful work, Ginger!

Neverwas    Neverwas

Neverwas     Neverwas 

Carol Kubrican's T'Wasn't class completed by Debbie Colombo. Photo Gallery
According to Laura Reich, Deb Laue's "class was great and she gave us several "extra" bits ... like the plant off the bench, as well as enough to make 2 more yellow and green plants."  
We are so glad you enjoyed it, Laura!
Potting Bench
These photos are from the completed Camp Makamini project from Julie French. Do you see Sasquatch?? JFrench1JFrenchJFrenchJFrenchJFrench
Here is Diana DeWalt's Red Hat Workshop taught by Ginger Landon-Siegel. Diana said, "This was so fun and rewarding. Good project while I was in COVID quarantine..."
DDeWalt Red HatDDeWalt Red Hat2
Ann-Cary McLain finished Alice Zinn's Red Hat Dog Tote class, and sent in a picture of her little Bichon Frise. She enjoyed the class!
AMcLain Red Hat Dog  
Rose Stout submitted her finished Camp Makamini. It looks so natural sitting out on this rock. Little people could easily make this their "home away from home". RStout CampRStout Camp 2
This is Vicki Scidmore's 1 inch square cabin. Look at that great base! VScidmore Camp
Terry Unnold certainly made the most of her class with Carl Bronsdon last month! I think there is enough for us all.  TUnnold_Pastries
This pastry tray and cake was done by Rita Crawford in a Carl Bronsdon class in August. Looks good enough to eat! RCrawford Pastry

There is so much going on in Michelle's wonderful camp scene. There is dad and his son coming back from fishing and showing mom his fish. Then there is the lazy camper, just waking up by the fire. The two hikers fill a canteen, another hiker coming out of the biffy, and a camper tending to his pot plant. There is even a bit of poison ivy growing up the back of the biffy.

Michelle used all 3 cabin sizes. The tiniest one was used as a birdhouse and the other little one is behind the cabin. It is camp Makamini for the mice.

MMiller Camp1MMiller Camp2

MMiller Camp3MMiller Camp4

Judith Does finished her 1/4 scale camp scene. So glad to hear how many people enjoyed it.  JDoe Camp 1JDoe Camp 2
It's obvious how much fun people had with Camp Makamini. Here is Lesia Lennex's campgrounds.



Debbie Colombo was a first time clay student in Carl Bronsdon's class in August. What an amazing teacher! Debbie pastry
Trish Ballard shared the tiniest versions of Camp Makamini with us. "Super fun, but wow, what a challenge to keep everything tight and square!" TrishB_tinycabins
Terry Unnold's basket of breads from the Carolyn McVicker class in August. TUnnold_Breads
Preble McDaniel was an overachiever and did all three scale cabins. Here is her picture of all of her Camp Makamini cabins. Great color choice.  Preble_Cabins
Jane Holbrook submitted these photos from the class taught by Bonnie Helterhoff, Pirate Captain's Quarters Book Nook. Jane "spiced things up a bit" by painting her mermaid, adding a picture of a ship and of course Jack Sparrow. Take a close look, all her little extras give it so much character.


Judith Doe may have a couple of recruits after doing this project in the rehab facility where she is recovering from a broken hip. Get well soon, Judith! JDoe_camp1JDoe_camp2

This is Pat Creagh's version of the Camp Makamini cabin. We love how she added that tree house reading nook.




Dale Lovett's completed Camp Makamini Cabin. She outdid herself as usual. DLovett_camp1DLovett_camp3DLovett_camp2DLovett_camp4
Terry Unnold made this great planter in Pam Ridgley's class in August. TUnnold_Tomato Class

Karen Benson shared her Camp Makamini Cabin with us. I really like how she painted her railing two different colors. 

Gallery Photo Gallery Photo
This is Helen Sparks' cabin from Debbie Young's workshop.  Love how she did the two sign boards as well.  Gallery Photo


Gayle Hansen did this wonderful book challenge from Debbie Young's tutorial for Create earlier this year. 

Gallery Photo


Another satisfied customer from Alician Pearce's class.  Diana DeWalt made these "happy" plants.

Gallery Photo


These photos of the Camp Makamini 1/4 scale cabin were submitted by Julie French.  

Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo 
Vicki Scidmore had a slightly different finishing for her Camp Makamini 1/2 scale cabin.  The summery colors are inviting, so when can we expect our invitations, Vicki? 

Gallery Photo  Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo

Barbara Thornton Hill submitted these plants from her class with Alician Pearce. She did a great job. 

Gallery Photo


A lot of people enjoyed Alician Pearce's "special herb" class.  This submission is from Julie Stuckmeyer. 

Gallery Photo


These two photos are from Barbara Antol.  The plants were made in Alician Pearce's class and the second picture has some quarter scale items that Barbara made to go along with her cabin. 

Gallery Photo  Gallery Photo

Michelle Miller shares this photo with us. The "plants" were ones she made in Alician Pearce's class, and they are on a landscaping board that Michelle will teach in July of 2021. 

Gallery Photo


Debbie Colombo took this class with Betinah Murta when Create first started.

Gallery Photo


These photos were submitted by Suzanne Larson-Tamburo, her Neverwas that never was. She never intended to do the class, but then some of the amazing roundtables convinced her otherwise.  So glad to see Suzanne enjoying her retirement!  Gallery Photo Gallery Photo

Barbara Engel  has shared pictures and a description of her completed Neverwas project. 

Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo
Fern Rouleau completed the march book project which was a free project gifted by Debbie Young. Gallery Photo


Fern Rouleau shared pictures of her Neverwas project from the class she took with Michelle Miller. Gallery Photo Gallery Photo
This is Erika Pitera's gallery submission from Cat WIngler's "It's a Steampunk World" class. Gallery Photo


Lesia Lennex's Steampunk mannequin from Cat Wingler's class in May lesia steampunk


Lesia Lennex shared with us this 1/4 scale doll she made using techniques she learned in Cat Wingler's sculpting class in April.  Lesia photo
From Barbara Antol:  

here are a few photos of my Captain Jack Book Nook.  I really enjoyed Bonnie’s class.  Feel free to share on the site. 

Barbara Antol Captain Jack Barbara Antol Captain Jack Barbara Antol Captain Jack Barbara Antol Captain Jack