Spot the Difference--Carolyn Eiche's workspace showing her CYLC project.

Carolyn Eiche is showing off her work surface where's she furnishing and finishing her quarter scale Debbie Young Pink Lemonade Martha's Vinyard house. Carolyn is trying to finish it for her Create Year Long Challange. Can you find the 10 differences?

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1. The bottle of white paint on the left has gotten smaller
2. There's an extra bottle of Yellow paint on the right
3. The scissors have changed color from white/black to red/blue
4. The X-acto knife is upside down
5. The Lego jig has disappeared 
6. The tacky glue bottle has gotten bigger
7. The round paintbrush is now a fan.
8. The house directions are showing a different page.
9. There are now toothpicks on the table
10. The chair pattern sheet and kit are upside down