Spot the Difference--Tools

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Spot the Difference

From Cat Wingler

Because our theme this month is Tools, Cat Wingler did a Spot the Difference with the different tools that a Doll Artist would use.  See if you can spot all 6 of the differences.  

You should really try making one of your own…they are kind of fun.  You could make one out of a collection of flowers, or a 1” scale room box you have made, or even what you currently have on your worktable. To make one, simply start with a display or even a selection of small items, photograph it head on…move some things around (10 – 12 differences are good) and re-photograph (I just used my phone).  Then, send the two photographs to me (Debbie Young –  And, don’t forget to send a key with the differences as well.  It is that simple.  It will be a fun way to share a little bit of yourself with our members. 


Scroll down for answer key.


















Keep going... if you are certain.



















    #1    The fabrics are in a different order.
    #2    The paint colors have changed.
    #3     The scissors have been switched out.
    #4    The brushes have been re-arranged.
    #5    The packet of hair is a different color and in a different position
    #6    Both the number of needles and their position has changed.