Spot the Difference--Julie Stuckmeyer's Eastside Townhouse

Julie shares this about her project:  This is my family room in my Eastside Townhouse. I had so much fun making it look "lived in". Of course, my own OCD would never let me have a closet or bookshelf get quite this out of control. I'm certainly not a neat freak, but this practically makes my eye twitch!

Can you find the 12 differences?  

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1. There is now an area rug at the top of the stairs (back left)
2. The second chair (far side) is missing from the chess table.
3. The chess table is turned around.
4. There is now a cat under the chess table.
5. There is now a candle on top of the desk next to the forsythia branches.
6. There is now a package on the desk (front left).
7. There is now a bunny rabbit in the closet on the second shelf from the top.
8. There is a different plant on the filing cabinet.
9. There is a different plant on the mantle.
10. There is now a pink laptop on the couch.
11. There are more magazines in the white wicker holder.
12. There is a new wooden magazine holder next to the fireplace.