Spot the Difference--Wanda Waterfield's Architect's Loft

Wanda shares this about her project:  The Architect's Loft was my Covid project.  My friend and I started the loft projects in January 2020.  My educational background was in Architectural Technology and Interior Design, so this project was near and dear to my heart.  I made most of the furniture pieces from kits or from scratch, except the drafting table, which I did have to alter.  I collected a lot of the accessories but made the books, drawings and wall art from images found online.  The staircase was made from a wooden folding fan and the lights are made from suction cups!  Both the inside and outside of the project are completely finished in real brick, which was painstaking to do!  Can you find the 10 differences?  

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1. Moved garbage can
2. Turned the architect portfolio
3. Opened drawer in filing cabinet
4. Moved table with model house
5. Added newspaper
6. Moved template on drafting board
7. Added rolled drawing on drafting board
8. Moved stool
9. Added picture on filing cabinet
10. Moved large floor plant