Special NAME Memory of the Month

In honor of NAME's 50th anniversary this year, we're asking several of our longest serving and influential members of NAME to share some of their early experiences with us.  For January, we are featuring Sylvia Rountree, who shares:

In 1968, my mother, a lifelong miniature lover, asked my Stanford Geology professor brother who was a hobbyist woodworker, to make a dollhouse for my daughter.  It was similar to the one my sister and I played with as children.  Later in 1969, on a family vacation to Mother's in California, she took us to Knotts Berry farm to see Mott's miniatures.  I bought a few pieces at their gift shop and returned home eager to decorate and furnish our dollhouse.  I also brought my Mother's childhood German bisque doll back to Ohio with me. I went to a local doll hospital for some repairs on the doll and enjoyed the wonderful dollhouse on display in the shop.  I began to collect antique dolls also and while on visit to the shop, I heard about the Cleveland miniature show.  I attended the show and it was there I heard about the formation of a new organization called the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts or NAME.  Of course I couldn't wait to join and it's been a wonderful 50 years. Congratulations NAME!!  Sylvia Rountree