Camp Make-A-Mini Winners

Camp Make-A-Mini

This is where you'll find the names of those who won Camp Make-A-Mini Games/Contests!  Congratulations to all!

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Saturday, July 23rd:  Mae Karoli
Sunday, July 24th:  Laura Reich
Monday, July 25th:  Rhonda Williamson
Tuesday, July 26th:  Sherri Lackey
Wednesday, July 27th:  Pam Doran
Thursday, July 28th:  Kathy Koons
Friday, July 29th:  Cheryl Polito

Julie Stevens Doll Drawings:
# 1- Patriotic Boy Doll, Alician Pearce
#2 -Patriotic Girl Doll, Kristen Piatak
#3 Girl in Purple Dress, Althea Baker

Camp Name Game:
1/2" scale Toni Cochran as Lalaland
1/4" scale Erica Driscoll as Little Singing Bird

Closing Campfire Games and Talent Show: 
Points Game – Cheryl Polito and Rhonda Williamson
How Many Words – Ann-Cary McLain
Camp T-Shirt wearer – Vicki Scidmore
Camp Bingo #1 – Julia Trent
Camp Bingo #2 – Valerie Hearst
Camp Bingo #3 – Ann-Cary McLain
Talent Show – Sherri Lackey