Dolls of Summer--2nd Chance

2nd Chance Workshop
1/4" Scale
Cheryl Polito

 Create-ive Offering  Create-ive Offering

Front and Back View of Elderly Dolls (above), Front and Back View of Young Dolls (below)

Create-ive Offering  Create-ive Offering

This is a class for anyone who wants to make their own pair of porcelain dolls. I have two different pairs of dolls. There are 10 of each pair so you will be making 2 dolls.  Choice of a young couple or an elderly couple. This class is a basic class for all skill levels. I will supply dolls disassembled and two different fabrics for each doll. You can dress the lady in a dress/skirt, pants or even shorts. The man can be dressed in pants or shorts, The choice is yours. The best thing about making a doll is that you can personalize it as you want to make it your own. Plus, even if everyone does the same thing, the dolls will still look different. That’s what I love about making dolls from kits or my own design. 

Techniques included:  Dressing and wigging a 1/48th scale male and female doll. 

FINISHED DIMENSIONS:  Male is 1.5” and lady is 1.25” 


This is a second chance Create-ive Offering.  There will not be a live session for this offering, but you will be given access to the videos of the sessions that were offered when this workshop was originally held.  Sales close on September 28th.


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