(SOLD OUT) Furniture Painting and Techniques (8 Pieces)

Gift & Gab
1/4" Scale
Shaun Crawford


Create-ive Offering

Come and learn how to paint resin furniture with us! Techniques will include spray paint types and priming methods, oil and acrylic painting methods, dry brushing, wet washes, inks, and sealing your master pieces. A step-by-step pdf will be provided with the class. You will get two finished pieces of furniture, the red sofa and the brown hutch.  There are also six primed pieces to practice on and gain an understanding of using the different painting techniques.  Seed beads and larger beads are included for furniture legs and pull handles for each individual piece.  PAINTS ARE NOT INCLUDED.  You will have to dig through your box of goodies at home for the shelf fillers and mantle top decorations.   This is a fun and informative class for all levels! You’re going to get paint on your fingers and love it!

These are close ups of the two finished pieces included for this Gift & Gab.

Create-ive Offering  Create-ive Offering

FINISHED DIMENSIONS:   all quarter inch scale pieces

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels welcome.   

To receive your kits in time for the presentation, you must order by November 1, 2022.  Orders placed after this date may not ship until after the Gift & Gab has been held.  Sales close on November 13th.

This presentation will be at 3:00 p.m. Eastern on November 13th, 2022.   

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