(SOLD OUT) Sculpting Pottery on a Mini Wheel 101, January 9th Session

1" Scale
Lynette Barker, I.G.M.A. Artisan

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Lynette will present to you the skills needed to sculpt clay on a mini wheel, plus some helps and tips on how to best use your wheel and tools. For this class you will use air-dry clay, so no kiln is needed. The bowl or vase will be 1:12 scale, so about 1 inch tall. You will have detailed instructions on how to center, open, pull, and shape a bowl and vase. Several styles of pottery will be taught, and details on how to finish a vase or bowl using Lynette’s sculpting techniques. At least 2 vases or bowls will be completed, possibly more, allowing for time. Clay, all tools and instructions are included in the workshop.

Students must have their own mini pottery wheel. They can be obtained on Amazon or you can email the instructor at lebarker380@outlook.com and she will purchase one for you. This will cost an additional $40.00 payable to the instructor directly. This price includes shipping for the wheel.

Techniques:   Wedging, centering, opening, pulling, sculpting, edging, finishing, clay

FINISHED DIMENSIONS:  1x1x1 inch, (could be x several items completed)


To receive your kits in time for the class, you must order by December 26, 2023 (US) / December 19, 2023 (all other countries). Orders placed after these dates may not ship until after the class has been held. Sales close on January 9th.     

This class will be at 2:00 p.m. Eastern on January 9th, 2024. 


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Sculpting Pottery on a Mini Wheel 101, Jan 9th Session