October Challenge - Make Mine Mini

The theme for October is ‘Make Mine Mini’ and is a celebration of perfect miniature copies of something that exists in real life.  It might be a reproduction of a piece of real furniture, an exact replica of a toy or simply a perfect orange that you can actually peel and separate into segments (yep…made by Pat Richmond).  I LOVE anything real made in miniature.  One of my personal favorites is a perfect miniature version of the rug my grandfather made for me when I was expecting my son almost 40 years ago.  I found it in a Mini Mart.  It was very expensive (I bet it was $50) and there was no way I could pay for it before the sales started…so I had the dealer set it aside for me.  After the Mini Mart I went back to pick it up and someone else had purchased it.  I burst into tears.  Poor woman.  Virginia Hecox (the owner of the miniature store I worked at) had purchased it for me for my birthday.  I treasure it to this day.

baby blanket

I would love to see a photo of one of your favorite miniature reproductions (and would really love to hear the story behind it).  Send photos to me, Debbie Young (yngathrt@gv.net) and be sure to send your mailing address so Create can send a little ‘thanks for sharing’ gift.