September No-Bake Bake Sale Results


No Bake Bake Sale


Thanks to everyone who donated to our No-Bake Bake Sale Fundraiser!  We raised over $1000 to go towards funding things like those prizes that we give out to our Challenge participants.  

And thanks to everyone who participated in our No-Bake Bake Sale by sending in your photos and description of what you didn't bake!  We have done the drawings and here are the results (drum roll, please.) 

Doll Prize



Red Hat Doll-Susan Sharratt
Chef Doll-Barbara Meyer
1" scale baked goods- Jane McNatt, Margaret Gordus, Pepper Williams and Sue Ostheimer
1/2 inch baked goods-Lillian Chi, Stella Causey, Lori Howell, Veronica Risko
1/4 scale baked goods: Vicki Scidmore, Lisa Napier, Beth Grabau, Linda Patterson