May Challenge

Lots of Kits
  We Challenge you…

Kits, Kits, and More  Kits.  Don’t we all love kits? Big class kits, little Round Table kits, house kits, furniture kits, accessory kits. Pretty much any kit.  Maybe, why we love kits so much is that a kit  promises dreams of a beautifully finished “whatever”.  We love them so much that a lot of us have a ton of “dreams” patiently waiting for us to get to them.  And for the last year or so, having them stashed away has been a sanity saver for us. What kits have you gotten to during our COVID induced isolation? Which one was your favorite? Send us a picture of your favorite kit project finished while we’ve been waiting out the virus.  Send one (or two pictures of the same kit) to, and I’ll send you a surprise. ( Ok, don’t be surprised if it turns out to be a little kit, lol)