May 2022 Challenge -- What Would You Have Displayed in Portland?

For May 2022, we are asking "What would you have displayed in Portland?"

Please send your submissions to Marla Nulph ( and be sure to include your full name and current mailing address (which will not be shared on the site) so that Create can send you a little "thank you for sharing" gift.

There were many who were going to exhibit at “Come Fly With Me” so this is the perfect chance to still show off your treasures. This is the place for anyone (NAME Members as well as non-members) to exhibit their miniatures virtually. Send your pictures to Marla Nulph and the scale of your miniature. You may send pictures of more than one miniature but please keep the number of pictures of each miniature to 4 or less. Each participant will receive a participation gift (one per person). If there are any questions please contact Marla. 


From Marla Nulph:

The conservatory is a 1" scale Houseworks kit that I did in 2016. The chair was made by my sister, Kari Bloom, using one of my late husband's ties. The orchids were made with kits from Paula Gilhooly and I scratch built the bench they sit on. I used most of the souvenirs from the Welcome to my Garden convention in Seattle in the outdoor areas.