June Challenge

June Theme – “First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage… Here They Come With a Baby Carriage!” 

First Comes Love
First Comes Love


Then Comes Marriage
Then Comes Marriage....


Baby Carriage
Here They Come with a Baby Carriage


June - the month of Love.....Weddings......and maybe…a few years later…a Baby Shower.  These are very special Life Events that are frequently memorialized in miniature. Sometimes it’s that dream Wedding, sometimes it’s a nursery, but it’s always a favorite miniature scene, and one often done in tribute to someone special. This month, we challenge you to send us your pictures of the scene you have made to memorialize a special event, and, if appropriate, another picture of the person you honored.  You’ll get a special prize plus we’ll make sure everybody gets to see them.  Send the pictures of your scene and the honoree (as well as your address…so we can send you a gift) to Debbie Young - yngathrt@gv.net.