July Challenge-Scavenger Hunt

It turns out that the Create site has so many wonderful things to offer that even the members of the Create team are learning new things constantly.   Each day, starting Sunday the 18th and continuing through Saturday the 24th a special camp icon


has been hidden somewhere on the Create site.  Navigate your way through all that the site has to offer to discover where it is hidden.  When you find the icon…record the location on this form.  The icon will change location every 24 hours, moving sometime between 10 a.m. and noon Eastern Daylight Time.  If you find it in the same location one day as you found it the previous day, then it hasn't moved yet and you'll need to check back again.  At the end of the week, scan, take a photo of the form or email the list and your mailing address to Barbara Thornton-Hill.  If you have at least 5 of the locations correct, Barbara will send you a little thank you gift. (Forms must be turned in by Friday, July 30th).