Annabelle Goes to Paris

1" Scale
Ginger Landon-Siegel
Create-ive Offering

Packed up and ready to go, Annabelle has dreamed of a trip to Paris. She hopes to explore all the wonderful fashion venues, museums and landmarks she has heard of through the years. With her luggage laid out and her favorite hats picked, Anabelle and her pup are ready to depart for Paris documenting all their special memories in her Paris themed travel journal.

Create this ensemble of black and white faux leather luggage and accessories. The ensemble includes the lined faux leather wood trunk, two medium and one large non-opening faux leather hat boxes, the two faux leather pet carriers, Annabelle’s pup, her Eiffel Tower travel journal, white fur boa and the three black and white trimmed hats. The trunk, hat boxes and pet carriers are all enhanced with black and white designs and accented with beautiful gold detailing. Two prepared and one unfinished piece of what is used to create the faux leather are included in the class and complete how-to instructions on creating the faux leather will be taught. Students will learn how to use found objects to make the two sizes of hat boxes. Each will be accented with trims, gold detailing and Paris themed luggage tags to complete the overall effect. Students will also create the 3 black and white trimmed hats, two with found objects as the base.  

To finish the travel ensemble, students will make Annabelle’s tiny shaggy pup, her two pet carriers and her special travel journal. After all, this is going to be a trip to be relived and remembered for a very long time!

Techniques included:  Making faux leather, creating hat boxes ands hats using found objects, adding hinges to trunk.

Create-ive Offering  Create-ive Offering  Create-ive Offering


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Annabelle Goes to Paris, Ginger Landon-Siegel