April Spring Cleaning Challenge

Cat's Favorite ProjectWe Challenge you…

Create’s theme for April is Spring Cleaning/Downsizing/Making Room for More.  We all know how much fun it is every once in a while, to go through and really look at and organize all our miniatures.  We also know there are some things in there that we are never going to use (or just plain don’t want any more). Take some time this month and do some re-organizing.  Make sure your favorite things have a place of honor.  Get rid of some of the stuff you don’t need – even if it is just to make room for more. And...in case you were wondering…we have the perfect place for you to send the things you no longer need…to Alician Pearce (for another garage sale).  Alician is not only in charge of the Quick Minis and Garage Sales for the Create site, she is NAME’s 1st VP and a huge reason Create exists in the first place!  She is going to be especially busy this month with all Create has planned.

As you look for things you may no longer need, also be sure to remind yourself of  your favorite things.  The challenge for this month is to share a photo of your absolute favorite miniature – the one piece or project that you would keep if you could keep only one.  Share the photo (and a little explanation why it is so important to you) with Alician at ubfaep@yahoo.com  and she will add your project photos to the Create site for others to enjoy as well.  Alician has created a special gift for all of those who respond to the challenge as well as a special surprise for those who send in items for the garage sale.  Go Alician!

For challenge submissions email a photo and explanation to Alician at ubfaep@yahoo.com

For garage sale items, mail your contributions to Alician (be sure to include your email address) at:      

 Alician Pearce
       1727 Newport Ave
          Janesville, WI 53545