50th Anniversary Monthly Special

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  This year, in celebration of NAME's 50th Anniversary, we are offering a monthly special (a kit, a finished miniature, or both!) every month.  This is the special for January!


50th Special  50th Special  50th Special


Title of Kit/Finished Piece: Anniversary Roses, both a kit and finished piece options are available. 
Description:  For NAME’s golden anniversary an arrangement of 12 yellow roses are presented in a 3D printed clear vase.  Yellow roses were chosen since they are the traditional representation of a 50th anniversary.  The vase is adorned by a yellow ribbon.  A printed sign commemorating NAME’s 50th anniversary is part of the arrangement.   
Name of Artisan: Pamela Ridgley
Email address for Artisan: pridgley81@gmail.com
Website for Artisan (if applicable):  sdkminiatures.com
Scales available:  1" scale, 1/2" scale, 1/4" scale (pictures above show the 1" scale version on the left, the 1/2" scale version in the middle and the 1/4" scale version on the right)
Purchase Instructions:  Purchase through the sdk miniatures LLC website.  Currently will not ship to UK, Australia, and New Zealand
Payment Types accepted:  Credit card, PayPal, or Check
Prices:             Kits are priced at $14.50
                        Finished projects priced at $45.  
                        Shipping will be determined at the time of checkout on the website.  
Available through:  Available through January 31, 2022