50th Anniversary Monthly Special

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 This year, in celebration of NAME's 50th Anniversary, we are offering a monthly special (a kit, a finished miniature, or both!) every month.  These are the specials for December.  (For previous monthly specials, click here.)

    50th Special  50th Special     

Title of Kit/Finished Piece: Anniversary Birthday Cake

Name of Artisan:Angelika Oeckl

Description: NAME 50th anniversary Birthday cake, decorated with roses and cream tufts. Available in 1 inch and quarter inch. Cake is 3D printed and needs to be painted with colors of your choice.

Scales available:  1" scale and 1/4" scale kits and finished pieces

Purchase Instructions:  Purchases can be made through the following website:  etsy.com/shop/AngelikasMinis or by emailing the artisan at:  aoeckl@yahoo.com

Prices:  Kits are available at $5 each, regardless of scale.  Finished prices are $15 for either scale and are limited to 20.  Shipping will be determined through the Etsy site or $5 when shipping in the US, $16 in Canada, and $18 international.  At this time, no shipping will be done to the UK.  

Payment Types accepted:  Payments accepts are:  MasterCard and Visa through the Etsy site or PayPal, Check, or Venmo.  

Email address for Artisan: aoeckl@yahoo.com
Website for Artisan:  etsy.com/shop/AngelikasMinis


50th Special

Title of Kit/Finished Piece: Anniversary Gifts

Name of Artisan: Designed by Debbie Young 

Description: With the Holidays we are busy shopping for Gifts.  Gifts are also given for Anniversaries.  Celebrate NAME's 50th in style with these gifts decorated in gold and black, designed by Debbie Young to celebrate NAME's 50th Anniversary. 

Scales available:  1/4" scale

Purchase Instructions:  Available at this site: https://create.miniatures.org/50thAnniversaryGifts or by sending a check to the NAME Office.  If mailing a check to the NAME Office, please indicate the number of kits being ordered and the address for shipment.  

Prices:  Kits are $10 each.  Shipping is $3/kit.   For those ordering three or more kits or other items from the NAME Store of any combination, we will refund any excess shipping money collected. Available until supplies last.   

For those outside the US, please contact the NAME office regarding any additional shipping required.

Payment Types accepted:  Credit cards through create.miniatures.org or by check when mailing to the NAME Office.  

Website for purchase:  https://create.miniatures.org/50thAnniversaryGifts